Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week One Update: CIMHS Successful Soft Launch

It has been a crazy week since we launched CIMHS last Sunday. I thought I'd write a quick blog to share some of the exciting developments.

We had a successful soft launch, spread the word through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more importantly talking to people directly about it. Now a majority of people we know are aware of this initiative, and started to chip in. From reporting bugs to helping spread the message to an even wider audience. Thanks to Boby, one of my old University of Waterloo computer science profs Jeremy,  and our own team, we caught a few issues and resolved them right away.

Our cause is resonating with people! We started getting attention from people I've never met. They started sharing and liking our comments, and helping us reach a broader audience. I want to thank Geeta, Jason, Rob for posting their own personal messages about our launch. Another friend offered to help us make two very important connections as we try to reach more people, and we are now actively talking to these parties (more to come on this later!)

People are using our product in a meaningful way. When building any new product there is a lot of uncertainty around how and if it will be used. I'm happy to see that we are getting a healthy sign-up rate and more importantly people are spending time completing Bliss our therapy program for depressed mood. In this day and age it is a challenge getting people's attention for 30 seconds, but people are spending a a good 30 minutes and sometimes more completing our first therapy session.

I want to thank our awesome team with helping get the word out and creating a successful soft launch. This is a direct result of their work sharing and shamelessly plugging CIMHS in every way they could, Julie, Sara, Josh, Sam, Mojib, Grant, you guys are all awesome. Special shout out to Julie for the amount of coverage she got us, and helping us make new connections.

So what's next? We launched our official facebook page today, so please take the time to pay it visit and like our page. Help us spread the message, we don't have a big marketing budget, so any like/post/share or conversation you have with anyone about CIMHS helps us greatly!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! Please keep the feedback coming, and we are always looking for people to help, so if you are interested in helping out please reach out to me!


Kasra Zokaei
Founder and Executive Director


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