Saturday, September 30, 2017

New CIMHS launched!

I'm excited to announce the launch of the new CIMHS website. It has been four years since the launch of the original CIMHS and our free online therapy program for depression. A lot has changed since then and it was time to update CIMHS this year, and we did!

Our main goal is to make effective mental health services accessible to people around the world. This update couldn't be more aligned with that goal. We made the site more accessible, secure, and I have some exciting info regarding it's effectiveness, which I will cover in a later post.

The biggest update to the site is making it accessible through mobile. Just like other sites the majority of traffic that we could generate to the site was coming from mobile, and unfortunately the site wasn't optimized for mobile creating a major accessibility challenge. The new site is fully responsive and you can complete the entire program through your phone!
CIMHS on Mobile
CIMHS on Mobile

Another major change throughout the site is the implementation of HTTPS, that sounds a bit technical. All it means is that the site is now even more secure, information being passed throughout the site is encrypted. You will notice a lock symbol next to the websites name in your browsers. The lock will look different based on your browsers, here's how it looks like on the latest version of chrome:


Final major update is the addition of interactive worksheets. Prior to this update the worksheets were a PDF document that you could download and print to complete. Now we have added interactive worksheets, where you can complete the worksheets online within the program. The worksheets also works on mobile, so you can easily complete your weekly assignments on the go from your phone.

CIMHS Interactive Worksheets

A lot of work has gone into this new CIMHS update, some visible, others under the hood, to improve the overall experience of the program. Here's a more exhaustive list of these updates including the major ones above:
  1. Mobile - new responsive site build for all screen formats from desktop to tablet and mobile
  2. Design - brand new look and feel for the website and updated graphics
  3. Security - enhanced security with the addition of https across the site.
  4. Worksheets - new interactive worksheet forms that can be completed online 
  5. Homepage - brand new homepage with more robust information and graphics
  6. Upgrades - major platform upgrades under the hood to take advantage of latest tech
  7. Scalability - infrastructure changes that enable the site to scale 
We are very excited about the new site and the potential for reaching more people on the devices they use everyday. More importantly we are excited about the results we've seen from the use of this product, but that information is worthy of it's own post, so for now just wanted to focus on sharing the news about our major product milestone.

There are many people dealing with depression that don't seek help due to stigma or accessibility issues. These are people in your network of friends and family. Please help us reach them by helping spread the word about our free online therapy program for depression by sharing our post and our website.

Kasra Zokaei
CIMHS Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions
Founder and Executive Director